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Leather Club


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TBLC was established in January of 1991 to provide a resource for the LEATHER/SM community of central Virginia. We are an association of people who express the ideals of LEATHER/SM, each in our own way, and support each other in that expression. We hold regular meetings to discuss ideas on how to help our community, plan social events for our members and supporters, and to discuss topics of concern to our members.

TBLC is a social organization. As such, we strive to meet the needs of both our members and our community. We participate in public activities to help raise awareness about the LEATHER/SM community and help others understand who and what we are. We have participated in the Richmond's Gay Pride Day parade and celebration for several years and endeavor to participate in the Pride celebrations of surrounding communities.

We are also simply a place to meet others with similar interest. The LEATHER/SM lifestyle can seem very isolating when there is no support to help you explore and discover this aspect of yourself.  Within our leather club you have freedom to be yourself and to explore the possibilities that it presents.

As each member brings with them their own experiences and strengths, TBLC provides as open forum for meeting others interested in various aspects of the LEATHER/SM lifestyle. Our members are our greatest resource for each other. Between the members of the club, questions about technique, safe sex practices and styles can be discussed openly and freely. We have all been beginners at one time and welcome the chance to share what others have shared with us.